Top 5 Tips For Gardening In Spring

Everything is fresh in Spring and the sun is hopefully shining.

Gardening in Spring is all about getting on top of your garden to set you up for the season ahead. 

This time can be seen as an investment into the following season, whether it is seeding, trimming or getting rid of those unwanted weeds. For some people Spring is the perfect time to take on a bigger landscaping project. 

1. Cut Back Ahead Of Growing Season

You may be spending a lot of time in your garden over the next couple of weeks, so if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to cut back the dead growth from the autumn/winter season.

Take herbaceous perennials and grasses (except evergreen grasses) right down, just above any visible new growth.

Cut back any perennial borders, taking care to avoid any shrubs or plants that could be damaged from this. You can let any dead growth lie where it falls, to act as a weed suppressing mulch.

This is not only low maintenance, but it also promotes biodiversity by providing important habitats for insects as well as promoting better soil health.


2. Pruning, Weeding and Edging

Mid and late summer flowering shrubs are generally pruned in Spring. These can include Hydrangea and Buddleia, which should be pruned lightly to maintain the shape.

Only prune once the plant shows signs of growth, make the cut above a pair of buds. As with clematis, you can cut back harder but there will be fewer flowers for the coming season.

Weeding thoroughly during Spring is the best way to minimise maintenance in the future. Get to them before they can flower and set seed. Sharpen up the edges of lawns, especially around the border.

It is amazing what you can get away with if the edges of your lawn look neat and tidy.

3. Top Up Your Bird Feeders and Water Baths

Looking to liven up your spring garden?

A birdbath can make an excellent addition to your garden. You’ll be rewarded with the beautiful sound of birds, and a piece of garden art you can use in creative ways.

When selecting an area for your birdbath, make sure you choose a place with moisture-loving plants.

As birds splash and bathe, plants that surround the birdbath will be able to stay healthy and not damaged. This also makes it easy to clean, because you can empty the birdbath right in the garden.

Water in a garden immediately changes the ambience of an outdoor space. If you are looking for a water feature in your garden then please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas.


4. Framework

Climbers are versatile in any outdoor space and offer a great alternative in brightening bare walls or simply providing beautiful flowers and foliage. Not only do climbing plants take up little ground space, they grow upwards which allows you to plant more for long term growth.

Given the wide range of varieties available, we can help you find something suitable for your location and purpose.

Spring is a good time to look at your framework for climbing plants. Check the conditions of wires and arches as well as necessary repairs. Put in place supports for the herbaceous plants are inclined to flop. It is always better to put a support in place at the start of the season and watch it grow.

5. Plant Summer Flowing Bulbs

Allow yourself to get carried away by beautiful images of summer flowering bulbs and tubers. Gardening in Spring is the time to plant lilies, gladioli and dahlias. There’s still time to sneak in a few sweet peas if you haven’t done so already.Some will bloom later in summer or for a longer time, like dahlias that bloom into fall.

Summer bulbs aren’t tolerant of cold temperatures and are planted only after the ground warms up and there’s no longer a threat of frost.

Summer flowering plants can transform your outdoor space. Whether you want to attract wildlife to your garden or simply add some nice, soft colour, there are many flowering plants to choose from.


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